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A trader who sold new and used cars is a good source for customers willing to pay a lot of money. Are records of merchant trade of the latest models for resale, auctioned during less desirable or vehicles delivered to dealers. Dealers have repair and warranty service. Used cars is a good source for higher mileage and multiple auto dealerships. Some used car dealers are its funds. While most traders in their such cars to sell, some are ready, the guarantees are offered. Private owners, their vehicles without charging dealers for sale. If you buy from a private owner, obtain copies of, references and service records for the vehicle. Set a budget and follow it. To determine how much you can afford to spend on a used car and adhere to them. If you plan to finance your car, compare rates from different lenders and ensure that the monthly budget government auctions jacksonville florida corresponds to. There is no pressure in the larger payments that you can afford. . Read the terms of the contract. If the agreement is required by used car dealer or lender who financed the dealer make sure the interest rate agreement, also known as annual percentage rate (APR) tariff. It should also contain all that you and the seller have agreed. Do not rely on oral representations. Your signature confirms the acceptance of the conditions set out in the Treaty. Never sign a contract that contains spaces. A contract is required. Unless the contract explicitly says otherwise, may not be solved once you and the seller have signed. You are entitled to cancel three days or periods of reflection. Sure that the Treaty will determine that it can cancel the contract and recover if the seller of any party to the agreement does not react your payment. . Inspect the machine thoroughly. Consider the car to a mechanic, the for an inspection before buying, before the signature of trust. Sales document. Usually costs about $ 100, it has the potential to make much more money if you find that your car has mechanical problems. Ask if the car was involved in an accident. Discover to verify as much as possible about the behavior of the vehicle and its maintenance records. Attention to odometer fraud. It is illegal for manipulation of the speedometer. Check the current odometer mileage against the laws of the States of service and previous statements. Look for scratches in the speedometer or dashboard, misalignment are numbers, stick or a Speedo that fits loosely. Ask if the car has not been concluded. If the original supplier for auto warranty has not expired, you ask, who writes the information in his contract displayed clearly. Evaluation of the offers extended warranties or service contracts. Before buying extended warranty dealer, consider repairing warranty coverage and the cost of repair against the cost of the service is present, if your car is probably necessary. Keep in mind that the dealer tag and expert vehicle insurance must follow to complete the purchase transaction. .